Weed / Insect Control &
Fertilization Services

GreenCorps makes everything greener on your side of the fence


For more than 15 years, GreenCorps has offered lawn care services that keep your turf, trees and shrubs beautiful. Our team strives to serve the needs of your property and the specific flora that are native to the Tampa region.

We offer worry-free property care by providing regular maintenance and checkup services that ensure your property is always healthy and green.

Personalized lawn, tree and shrub services

At GreenCorps, we know every property is its own ecosystem with its own specialized needs. Thats why our experts take the time to examine and personalize your tree, shrub and lawn care plan.

When we care for your property, our services include:

Customized fertilization services and blends that match the nutritional needs of your soil, lawn and ornamentals

Insect and disease control

Soil analysis and recommendations

Palm tree protection and health services

Experts in the Tampa Area

As a Tampa-based business, GreenCorps truly understands the ins and outs of the Florida climate, plants and soil. Our team includes agronomists, arborists and treatment experts who use their scientific knowledge to serve all your property needs, whether you require a customized fertilization plan or a personalized insect management program.

Who We Serve

GreenCorps handles properties of every shape, size and requirement, with clients that include:

Residential Properties

Commercial Properties Including:

  • Office Parks
  • Schools and universities
  • Corporate campuses
  • Retail parks
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Community associations

We Keep Your Grass Greener

If you need help making (or keeping) your property green, get in touch with us at (813) 635-9488 or complete our contact form. We are eager to assist as a subcontractor for your landscaping business as well.

GreenCorps’ horticultural management and fertilization services will keep your property thriving.